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A new fall season is upon us and I am getting ready to start sewing again.  So stop by soon to see the new designs that I will be creating and offering up for sale.


If there is anything that you wish to see more of (ie. skirt sets, pants, swimsuits, gowns, etc), please let me know.  I'll do my best to sew the outfits you are interested in.  Just drop me a line though this website. 


Thank you again!!!




Hi! Welcome to Barbie's (and Ken's) House of Vogue!  Thanks for stopping by! :) 



Please Note:  If you are having any problems processing your order.....PLEASE contact me through this website and I'll get back to you as soon as possible (generally within 24 hrs) to resolve this problem.



I create high quality handmade barbie doll clothes that fit most standard 11 1/2" Barbie dolls (both new and old). These outfits are ALL handmade & designed by ME personally. My designs will include both casual and fancy, from pants to capris & gowns/dresses to skirt sets & MUCH MUCH MORE!! Any accessory that is shown in the photo is INCLUDED with the outfit unless stated otherwise.

In the 20+ years that I've creating these lovely clothes, I've received MANY compliments regarding the designs & quality of my outfits. 

Some of the biggest complaints I hear are:

 1) that the fashions for Barbie clothes are inappropriate for their young children;

 2) that they don't always fit on EVERY Barbie doll;  

3) that it is difficult for a young child to put on and take off by themselves;

4) they are expensive; and  

5) are cheaply made and fall apart too easily. 


So I am very happy to personally create an wide assortment of high quality fabric designs which will fit nearly ALL 11 1/2" Barbies.  This includes the older dolls as well as the ones that are sold today.

PLUS my designs are easy for little hands to put on and take off and most of my outfits open/close with velcro.

Over the years I have sold through various venues, and have sold well over 5,000 outfits!  Now, by popular demand, I have decided to finally open a website!

So do please take a look around.  Check out my many designs.  Buy a nice batch of outfits that are perfect for the holidays, birthdays, for long road trip, or just to say "I Love You" to that little someone special in your life.  And do come back often to see my latest creations.

Enjoy your visit while you are here at Barbie's House of Vogue! 


Thank you and Happy Shopping!


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WARNING:  Some of these outfits have small pieces such as shoes that can be dangerous to small child if swallowed.  Please provide proper supervision.



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